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Brand CAM Model ZDP
Capacity 2000kg Code CAM-ZDP
Specification CAM four-fork positioner for multi-pallets (ZDP)

Four-fork positioner for multi-pallets (ZDP)

What is a multi-fork positioner?

The multi-fork positioner is ideal for handling several pallets simultaneously. In our range you can find 4-fork positioners (2 pallets) and 6-fork positioners (3 pallets).

Multi-fork positioners are commonly used in the beverage and food handling warehouses. This attachment is suitable for forklifts and telehandlers.

What are the benefits of a multi-fork positioner?

By using this attachment you will increase productivity by handling several pallets simultaneously.

What options are available?

There are several options available to tailor your multi-fork positioner to your exact application needs. Options include:

  • Capacity range: from 1600 kg to 4500 kg
  • Different body widths and/or opening ranges
  • Different fork lengths possible

Technical details

  • 2 hydraulic functions
  • W11 – Forkspread
  • With separate sideshifter
Model Capacity W8-W9 L1 H8 W1 x T1 W11 LL HCG Weight ISO 2328
kg/mm mm mm mm mm mm mm   kg/pair  
ZDPS20D-11A  2000/500  540-1740 1150 1150 80 x 40 600 202 249 393 2A
ZDPS20E-10A  2000/500  640-2020 1150 1150 80 x 40 640 185 240 402 2A