Brand Model Capacity Condition Code
CAM Bale Clamps ZB
CAM ZB 2000kg - 3000kg New 100% CAM-ZB
CAM Hinged Carriage ZHF
CAM ZHF 1500kg - 5000kg New 100% CAM-ZHF
Side shifts CAM ISO/FEM 3 with sliding pads (SH335.115P.CD1)
CAM SH335.115P.CD1 3500kg New 100% SH335.115P.CD1
Side shifts CAM ISO/FEM 2 (SH225.100P.CD1) with sliding pads.
CAM SH225.100P.CD1 2500kg New 100% SH225.100P.CD1
Push-Pull fork
CAM ZPA1612L/1A-B 1600kg / 600mm New 100% CAM-ZPA
Rotating paper roll clamp 360° ZR27-760-PB
CAM ZR27-760-PB 2700kg / 760mm New 100% CAM-ZR
CAM ZHC 1500kg - 2500kg New 100% CAM-ZHC
CAM Telescopic Forks ZTF
CAM ZTFQ25-135A 2500kg / 600kg New 100% CAM-ZTF
CAM Tobacco carton clamp with rubber pads ZT
CAM ZT 1900kg - 2500kg New 100% CAM-ZT
CAM four-fork positioner for multi-pallets (ZDP)
CAM ZDP 2000kg New 100% CAM-ZDP